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Type 2 Diabetes Treatments

Some doctors say, diabetes is not a disease its a deficiency so there is no cure for diabetes, but it can certainly be treated and managed through diabetes management techniques

The treatment of diabetes goes for a prolonged time or a life time. So, treating diabetes is like managing diabetes especially type 2 such that it does not get worse.

Lets look at some type 2 diabetes treatments that help in doing diabetes management effectively. 

Diabetes Type 2 Treatments: Treatment plan

The doctors shall help the person to create a treatment plan. Along with doctors few other health care expert such as foot doctor, nutritionist, eye doctor, a diabetes specialist  (called as endocrinologist) may be needed.

Diabetes Type 2 Treatments: Glucose levels maintenance 

Overall speaking, diabetes management requires keeping close watch over the blood sugar levels ( and keeping them at a goal set by the doctor) with a combination of medications, exercise and diet.

The person shall know what to do to help keep the blood sugar levels as near to normal as possible every day.

Diabetes Type 2 Treatments: Meals

Eating a balanced diet is vital for people having diabetes. When the person eats, how much he or she eats, are just as important as what he or she eats. By paying close attention to it person can minimize or avoid the "see-saw effect" of rapidly changing the blood sugar levels.

The person needs to plan what he or she is going to eat at each meal and stick to it as much as possible.

A healthy balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats the diet, will help keep the blood sugar levels on target. Now how much of each components, will depend on many factors, the persons weight, preferences etc. Hence the person needs to talk to doctor and or dietitian. However There are Drinks, Fruits and Foods to eat and avoid which can be of a help along with these 20 Home remedies.

Type 2 Diabetes Treatments

Type 2 Diabetes Treatments

Diabetes Type 2 Treatments:Exercise 

Another crucial element in treatment program of diabetes is exercise. With either types of diabetes, the person needs to check with the doctor before starting an exercise program.  

Exercise helps the person to keep fit, burns calories, improves the body's use of insulin and helps normalize the blood glucose levels ; but it shall not fall below the required limit. 

We have discussed and categorized the exercises that you follow to have a better day each and every day in 5 Things To Do Every Morning To Control Diabetes article. 

In-case you do wish to do more but have no time and wants to spends little or no money then the article 8 Simple,Easy,Time Saving but Effective and Intensive Exercises for Diabetes describes exactly that. 

Exercise may offer stress relief, and may lower the chance of having a heart attack improving the circulation. However, the person needs to get in touch with the doctor to understand what type and how much of exercise is right for him or her.  

Diabetes Type 2 Treatments: Life Style Change

It is advisable that  the diabetic person shall wear a bracelet or tag that helps other know that he or she is a diabetic. This helps other aware of the condition in case there is a severe attack, or accident and the person needs emergency medical care.

Keeping up with the medical appointments is very important. The consistency is the key as What the person does at home every day affects the blood glucose more than what the doctor can do every few months during the check-up.

Diabetes Type 2 Treatments: Meditation

Recent studies proved, what Indians knew it hundreds of thousands of years earlier, that Meditation not only has ability to calm and focus the mind, but it benefits body as well. Meditation has shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Meditation helps relieve the stress as well. Meditation is a tool that that you can help manage your diabetes and life. All you need to give is few minutes on most days of the week. Automatic healing the diabetes has further details. 

Diabetes Type 2 Treatments: Music

Did you know, your love and appreciation for music can be a helpful to heal or treat your diabetes as well. This is called Music Therapy.Music Therapy is the scientific method of using music for treatment. Studies have proved that music therapy helps is controlling diabetes by maintaining blood glucose level within accepted limits. Boost the Healing - Be a Melomaniac has further details and how it can help you in managing the Diabetes.

Diabetes Type 2 Treatments: Medications

As there are two different types, the medications differ from Type 1 diabetes and diabetes Type 2 treatment.

Type 1 diabetes:

As with the diabetes type 1 - the body does not make any insulin the person may need to take insulin in the form insulin injections or through the use of continuous insulin pump.

The insulin pump is more of a computerized pump which can be set to deliver a specific amount of insulin within specific time. Doctors help the person to program this according the treatment plan.

Insulin injections come in five ways depending upon when they start affecting and how long they keep the effect:

  • Rapid acting
  • Regular/short acting
  • Intermediate acting
  • Long acting
  • Ultra long acting  

Regular glucose level checking / monitoring is advisable. People here may use glucometer that measures the glucose levels in a sample of the blood dabbed on a strip of treated paper.

Then are CGMS (continuous glucose monitoring systems)  which again monitors the sugar levels but the check is from skin instead of blood and these are less accurate than traditional glucometer.

Type 2 diabetes:

In most cases the diet, exercise and other mentioned above are enough but some may need medications. These medications work in different ways to in type 2 diabetes treatments to bring blood sugar levels back to normal. They include:

  • Drugs that increases insulin production by pancreas
  • Drugs that decreases sugar absorption by intestine 
  • Drugs that improve how the body uses insulin
  • Drugs that decrease the sugar production by the liver and improve insulin resistance. 
  • Drugs that increase the insulin production by pancreas and or reduce the sugar production from liver
  • Drugs that block the re-absorption of glucose by kidney and increase glucose excretions in urine.

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